Sticky Mat USA LLC
10300 Avondale Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28210


Hello Sticky Mat USA,

Just a note to let you know that Sticky Mats DO WORK as a cat litter mat!! I received my order yesterday and I put the mat down in front of the cat’s litter pan. I must say that my cat, Dante, was not afraid to step on the mat and had no trouble walking across it either. Today was the first day that I have not stepped on cat litter on the kitchen floor in the past 16 years!! The mat works so well that it actually takes all of the litter off his paws as soon as his front feet hit the mat after stepping out of the litter pan so most of the litter is right at the front of the mat. I will be able to turn the mat around after it is full on one end and use the other end at the entry door. What a Great Product!! I’m sure it probably was never made for this type of use but it puts all the other litter mats to shame that pet stores sell. I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous new year!

Thank You,
Mary L. Z and Dante too!



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