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Our Sticky Mats

  • Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses
  • Basketball / Volleyball / Racquet Ball and any Hardwood Court
  • Construction, Renovations and Additions
  • Kitty Litter Mats
  • Clean Rooms, Science Labs, Surgical Theaters, and Food Preparation Areas
  • Home use

Before discussing each of the applications above, let’s cover some basics on sticky mats. They cannot be exposed to outside weather or in a wet environment. The water based adhesive will become slippery with water or other liquids contact.

When using sticky mats on hardwood floors and carpet, you must use a base which we can supply. The 100% coverage adhesive on the mat backing is aggressive to insure that it adheres to the floor or a base.

We can supply logos or safety messages on our sticky mats.

Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses

Sticky mats are a great fit for manufacturing plants and warehouses. They can be placed at office entry points to keep the office floors cleaner and minimize wear and tear. Place sticky mats at entrance to lunch room to make it a cleaner room for your employees. Put a safety message on it. Do you have new plant / warehouse floors? Use sticky mats to keep tow motor wheels cleaner to minimize floor damage from the loading and unloading docks.

Basketball / Volleyball / Racquet Ball and any Hardwood Court

Sticky mats are used by professional and college basketball teams to remove dust and debris that can cause an athlete to slip or slide on the hardwood courts. It helps to prevent injuries. This is applicable to any sport played on hardwood floors. Also you can place sticky mats at the entry point to the gym floor to minimize wear and tear. You don’t need to track dirt and dust onto your expensive gym floors. Refinishing is costly!

Construction, Renovations and Additions

With sticky mats you keep the dirt, dust, and debris in the construction area and this prevents tracking it to a clean area. Sticky mats are a must for hospital construction. Retail stores and shopping malls use them when remodeling. Home renovations are another great application for sticky mats. Common sense says that any construction, renovation, remodel, or addition needs sticky mats if you’re going from the construction area to an interior clean area. No need to track the mess elsewhere. Also note many construction companies logo their sticky mats.

Kitty Litter Mats

Sticky mats are ideal to place under and around kitty litter containers to collect the kitty litter as your cat exits the container. It prevents the kitty litter from being tracked all over your home. See our testimonial on sticky mats from the owner of Dante the cat. It says it all. We offer many sticky mat sizes to fit your needs.

Clean Rooms, Science Labs, Surgical Theaters, and Food Preparation Areas

Sticky mats were invented for the entrance to clean room environments to keep dust and contamination debris from entering a sterile environment. Sterile clean rooms are located in pharmaceutical, biotech, computer chip, and nuclear plants. You will also find them in science labs, critical manufacturing areas, hospital surgical areas and food preparation areas.


Home use

Last but not least is the use of sticky mats in the home. A common application is on the garage floor to prevent tracking dirt and dust into your home. They can be used in an interior entry into your high rise apartment or condo. Often used with home additions or remodeling.

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